Learn2Swap is the user handbook of ParaSwap - the DeFi middleware.

Welcome to Learn2Swap

ParaSwap aggregates decentralized exchanges and other DeFi services in one comprehensive interface to streamline and facilitate users' interactions with Ethereum's decentralized finance.

This website provides a clear state of ParaSwap's capabilities and some guidance on all the services ParaSwap can interact with.

ParaSwap Routing & Execution Overview

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It details the requirement to start using ParaSwap, as well as why it makes sense to interact with DeFi using middleware. Finally, it provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the services ParaSwap's interact with.

If you've never heard of Ethereum and the decentralized finance ecosystem growing on top of it, we recommend you to check 👉 EthHub - What Is Decentralized Finance? - a community-driven effort providing a comprehensive overview of the DeFi ecosystem.


All you need to get started and swapping with ParaSwap.


To better understand how ParaSwap works and how to use it.

ParaSwap's Edge

An overview of the benefits of using ParaSwap over another aggregator or decentralized exchange


The presentation of all the DEX integrated with ParaSwap and the services providers integrating our API.

Fees & Business Model

There are currently no fees on ParaSwap. However, services integrating with ParaSwap can charge a commission on the swaps they facilitate.


An outline of the main updates pushed on ParaSwap: new exchanges supported, new tokens, new features, and other improvements.